Which is the Better Pain Relief Product – Hemp Oil Vs CBD?

The only real difference between hemp oil vs. CBD is that hemp oil usually has very little CBD content at all. But both hemp oil and hemp CBD, have numerous health advantages over conventional pharmaceutical drugs. If you’ve read anything at all about the new health trends for the next decade and beyond then odds are that you’ve heard about hemp oil and hemp CBD (and chances are that you’re a little confused). But before I go any further, let’s get to know each of these terms separately: hemp oil refers to the stems of the cannabis plant and hemp CBD is derived from the leaves and roots. In other words, hemp CBD is not CBD.

Hemp Oil Vs Cbd

Hemp oil is extracted from the stems and leaves of the cannabis plant. While the main source of hemp oil comes from Australia, it’s widely used around the world because it contains less than one percent CBD, but a high concentration of other beneficial nutrients. It’s also grown to be in compliance with the United States government’s stringent marijuana laws, which require at least one percent CBD on plant labels.

Like CBD, hemp oil is also a natural anti-inflammatory. In fact, the most common reason to use it as a topical treatment for joint pain, arthritis, and similar ailments is because it possesses a “cholinergic” effect. What does this mean? It means that the plant’s fatty acids act like an anti-inflammatory, which helps reduce swelling and improve your ability to heal from minor injury.

A related benefit of hemp oil is its ability to act as a “smart drug” or medicine that can help people avoid hard drug side effects that come from taking pharmaceuticals that lack natural active ingredients. Just like CBD, it also acts as a very powerful antioxidant. One of the carrier oils used in it is actually called “caryophyll”, and is also the most effective natural source of vitamin A, or Vitamin E.

The last benefit of using hemp seed as an alternative to prescription pain killers and other pharmaceutical products is its ability to act as a plant extract at different levels in your system. Some of the oils extracted from cannabis sativa plant are very high in CBN (cannabis related NPS) and Terpenes. These two substances are often used interchangeably in the medical industry. CBN is the active component found in marijuana, while Terpenes is often used to refer to the synthetic chemical compound. These two substances work together to stop inflammation and pain in the body.

This is just one of the benefits of choosing an oil derived from cannabis instead of another source. Another reason why hemp contains so many powerful benefits is because it is grown in a sustainable manner. Unlike other plants, which must be grown in massive plantations, marijuana can be grown virtually everywhere. While it will require special equipment to harvest and process the plants, the entire process is very environmentally-friendly and sustainable. This is one reason why many people today choose to use this type of oil when they apply it to their skin.