Using CBD For Cats With Medical Marijuana

Are you aware that you can give your cat an oil supplement that is derived from cannabis, which is also known as CBD? Most cats do not like the taste of pet food, and many have expressed a desire to eat organic foods. However, because it has not been approved by the FDA, and is not considered a drug, there is a bit more work to be done before your cat can start ingesting the oil supplements. The good news is that you can give your cat an herbal supplement that contains CBD, and he will not turn down anything that is pure CBD. So, if your veterinarian gives you a chance to try this out, you may want to consider giving your cat a supplement that consists of CBD for cats.

As mentioned above, CBD for cats full spectrum oil is not something that is approved by the FDA. Therefore, all raw materials are natural and organically harvested. In addition, only use what is referred to as “active” CBD in these products. Active CBD is said to have an “anti-catabolic” effect on cells. This effect is believed to work in keeping age-related declines in kidney function, and reducing symptoms associated with arthritis.

Many people do not realize that marijuana, which is also known as THC, is an ingredient found in many consumer products, including CBD for cats. Although both marijuana and CBD are derived from the same plants, they are two different plants, and each plant has its own properties, and uses. Animals cannot metabolize THC, so it passes through the system much like caffeine. While some research has indicated that marijuana is not very harmful to humans, most experts agree that there are far too many unknowns to make marijuana an appropriate treatment for Feline Health issues. Many of the health issues cited by medical professionals, such as depression, anxiety, and appetite loss, can be treated with prescription medications, and have been for years. The same cannot be said for CBD.

If you are considering giving your pet a herbal supplement to treat Feline Health issues, be sure to check with your vet and ask about the ingredients contained in CBD for cats. Some research that has been done suggests that the oil may have an effect on lab rats, but there is no current information available to confirm this. It is possible that the anti-cancer and other effects seen in lab rats could be the same as seen in humans. It is also possible that, because CBD is a lipid, it may be less likely to enter the body than other fats. It is also important to note that we do not know whether or not other fats will have the same effect on cats.

Currently, the best and oil for cats is manufactured in the United States using only pharmaceutical grade ingredients. These are pharmaceutical grade because the plants that produce them are only allowed to contain two ingredients: THC and CBD. Other countries, including Canada, use hemp as a replacement for marijuana and other psychoactive herbs. While most CBD for cats may not contain THC, all oils should be considered somewhat recreational drugs. If taken in conjunction with alcohol, they may play a role in reinforcing negative behaviors and sensitivities, such as anxiety. Recreational drugs are not recommended for cats under any circumstances.

There are no major side effects when using cbd oil for cats with medical marijuana. They may become sedated, though, so it is recommended that they avoid driving or operating heavy machinery while on top of their medication. They should not be used by pregnant or nursing women or anyone who suffers from a serious seizure disorder. People who take large doses of CBD for a long time may suffer from adverse effects. Always keep in mind that your cat’s healthcare professional will be best able to make a diagnosis and determine the best and oil dosage for your pet.