The Benefits of CBD For Cats Or Dogs

Top 3 best CBD Oils for cats: This short list was designed based on the following Criteria: does the formula appear legitimate? Does the manufacture clearly state which CBD they use in their products? How credible is the company selling CBD oils for cats?

Cbd Oil For Cats

* recommended dosage – In choosing the right CBD Oils for cats, pets must always be treated according to their individual needs. This is very important. There is no universal recommended dosage for every kind of cat illness. It’s up to you and your vet to work out the proper dosage based on the symptoms experienced by your cat. Please pay special attention to the suggested dosage in the label.

* manufacturer’s information – The label should provide information on any side effects, drug interactions, allergy risks, etc. Make sure to find this information. If possible, contact the manufacturer directly. Common ingredients in popular pet brands can be found in CBD oils as well.

* source – It’s extremely important to check out the source of CBD for cats. In particular, many of the pet pharmaceutical companies sell cheap CBD tinctures that have been diluted to the point that they are ineffective and potentially dangerous for cats. Other sources of cheap CBD tinctures include other manufacturers who don’t make their own oils, and even “natural” pet products such as coconut oil and palm oil. Unfortunately, these “natural” alternatives often contain pesticides and preservatives which are unhealthy for humans. So it’s always best to buy CBD from a reputable source. In addition, always be wary of pet retailers who claim to sell pure CBD tinctures, because the truth is that the product may only be half-potent (a small amount of the oil).

As an ideal alternative to pet CBD for dogs and cats, many pet owners use hemp oil, also known as “nuleaf”. Nuleaf is similar to CBD in that it contains both CBDA and THC, but is far less potent. In fact, it’s recommended for most dogs and cats as a topical medication, rather than a topical ointment.

Some manufacturers recommend a daily supplement of CBD for cats in order to provide this much needed help for their feline friends. Of course, you should always carefully read the manufacturer’s information on any such product. A dose that is too small or even too large, may cause serious problems. As always, it’s your veterinarian that will be best able to advise you about what is appropriate for your pet.