Research Suggests CBD May Not Be Good For Kids

Side Effects Of Cbd Oil

Research Suggests CBD May Not Be Good For Kids

Although very safe and effective, CBD is a relatively new natural ingredient. As such, many companies that make CBD supplements have not been through any clinical trials or studies on human subjects. This lack of research creates a lot of uncertainty for consumers, making the accuracy of any personal experience somewhat uncertain. In order to increase your safety, it’s important to understand the possible side effects of CBD oil.

Unfortunately, even with the scientific and medical community raising awareness of the dangers of taking prescription medications, CBD supplements still carry some risk. Of course, the most serious side effects of CBD are very mild, particularly when compared to the effects of common over-the counter or even prescription medications. However, there have been some reported minor side effects that you should be on the look out for as you add CBD to your health regimen. These include:

Some researchers are investigating the possibility that CBD may help prevent the onset of diabetic ketoacidosis (DKAS), a dangerous complication of diabetes that occurs when the body’s blood sugar levels become too high. In general, CBD may help keep blood glucose levels stable or slightly below normal. A recent study published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology reported that CBD may help prevent the development of kidney stones in patients with preexisting kidney disease. The Mayo Clinic says that while preliminary evidence supports the idea that CBD may help lower cholesterol levels, further research is needed to confirm this finding. This is why it’s important to discuss any proposed side effects with your doctor.

Not everyone agrees that CBD can be beneficial in treating some age-related diseases. One recent study published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease reported that mice showed signs of memory loss and abnormal behavior after receiving high doses of CBD. The study published by this University of Maryland School of Medicine suggests that CBD might prevent the brain cells from becoming plaques. However, this particular side effect has not been studied extensively. Other experts point out that CBD is one of over two hundred different plant chemicals that may have a negative effect on Dravet syndrome, a condition that leads to memory loss and severe depression in adults.

One study published in the journal Addiction found that children who took high dosages of CBD were more likely to experience both motor and verbal difficulties when compared with children who did not take the oil. The same research found that even low doses of CBD can cause psychotic symptoms in children. These symptoms can last for weeks and in some cases, months. A CBD water extract is often recommended for pregnant women who want to avoid CBD.

If you’re looking for an alternative to CBD, research suggests that you may want to consider an herbal extract like hemp oil, which is often used in alternative treatment methods. Hemp oil does not contain any CBD and because it contains no psychoactive substances, it has no serious side effects. In addition, it is believed to be much safer than CBD. If you want to find more information about hemp oil and other alternative treatments, I would recommend that you visit my website.