Is There A Difference Between Full Spectrum and Sub Spectrum?

In recent years, full spectrum CBD has been garnering a lot of attention and it’s quickly growing in popularity. Some people call it” Hemp Cash”, because it’s essentially what it sounds like – “cash” in hemp form. But why would anyone want to put money into something that’s so much more? Let’s look at all the benefits of CBD oil and why everyone should be using it.

Full Spectrum Cbd Oil

Unlike THC and other cannabis derivatives, full spectrum and doesn’t cause a “high”. Instead, it provides a natural sedative, calming and comforting sensation similar to that of the famed “bath and body” experience. Like other full-spectrum products contain terpenes, CBD hemp products contain “cannabidiol”, which is found naturally by the hemp plant itself. Unlike THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which only works as a psychoactive substance, CBD doesn’t create a “high”.

Full Spectrum CBD is also a very pure source of Cannabidiol, the active ingredient. The reason why it’s so pure is that the terpenes used to create it are extracted from the entire plant, without any interference with the other, more volatile fatty acids. This allows for full concentration of cannabidiol in the extract, without worry of losing important fatty acids. By removing these fatty acids, full spectrum and is able to pass pharmaceutical drug tests, providing consumers with a safe, effective product without concern over damaging their health.

Many companies try to create CBD extracts that are isolated from other parts of the plant. Unfortunately, this process is not necessary and can significantly reduce the potency of full spectrum cbd. Some companies even try to pass off un-isolated CBD as part of the “raw” extract. By isolating the CBD, these companies are able to reduce the concentration of the plant material to a low point, making it easier for them to reduce the potency and save money on the production. Unfortunately, when these un-isolated CBD products hit the market, they often have very poor taste and are not very successful in providing consumers with a full spectrum of CBD. Many people report finding the taste to be off-putting and not very pleasant, even though it does provide some relief from pain and anxiety.

To produce a truly beneficial effect from Full Spectrum CBD oil, you need to use only fully-isolated, pure CBD extract. Companies that claim to use CBD “blend” compounds are not using pure CBD but a blend of various other chemicals. In many cases, these compounds are not even pure. Blending these various chemicals together will not give you a consistent amount of therapeutic benefit and may actually be harmful.

In my opinion, it is best to use completely isolated, CBD concentrates to produce a truly efficient oil. By isolating the CBD in its purest form, you will be able to reduce the amount of chemical interaction with other compounds and offer a much greater therapeutic benefit. The next time you order your daily CBD supplement online, make sure that you are purchasing true Full Spectrum CBD oil. When you choose to purchase CBD online, you can avoid wasting money by settling for sub-standard, diluted supplements.