Is Cbd Oil Legal in Recreational Use?

Is CBD legal? This question has been on many people’s lips over the past few years. After all, CBD has become one of the top medicines on the market for treating some of the side effects of prescription drugs. With that said, the suddenly increased popularity often comes with an increase in concern.

Is Cbd Oil Legal

What exactly is CBD? Is it legal for medicinal purposes? And, is this new-fangled “medicinal cannabis” really all that legal? In this article, we’ll cover everything you should know about CBD oil, including its classification as a “scheduled II” drug, the potential medicinal benefits it may have, and whether or not it is truly legal.

To begin with, is CBD legal? The answer to this question largely depends on the jurisdiction in which the cannabis plant or product is being sold. Depending on where you live, it may be entirely legal to grow and sell small amounts of the cannabis plant to private individuals, but if you happen to be in a state like California, it is perfectly legal to buy, sell, and consume CBD oil in any way that you wish. Even though it is technically not legal, it is still considered by many states to be “legitimate”.

However, there are some regions of the country that are beginning to see the CBD market taking shape. Colorado, for example, has become the third state in the country to fully legalize the medical cannabis plant. Sales of CBD oil are now completely legal in the state, and consumers are able to freely select whichever strains they prefer. However, medical cannabis users in the Golden State are still prohibited from selling or growing the plant, and all CBD sales are strictly limited to pharmacies.

Is CBD oil legal without a prescription? As it turns out, it is! The reason why CBD oil is legal without a prescription, is because it is considered to be a dietary supplement, and the United States government has never regulated the sale of herbal supplements. Therefore, clinics and hospitals across the country are allowing people to purchase small amounts of CBD oil to use for their own personal consumption. Since it is not considered a controlled substance, anyone over the age of eighteen can legally obtain three grams of Cbd oil per day.

Is Cbd oil legal in recreational use? In terms of federal law, it is! Although recreational users are not allowed to distribute large amounts of the plant to friends or family members, they are still allowed to possess small amounts of the plant on their person at all times. The only real downside to the CBD legal status of the plant, is the fact that anyone caught violating the law can face hefty fines, as well as having their personal computers seized. Before someone decides to start growing a small amount of CBD for personal consumption, they should always consult their local government to find out if the plant is legal where they live.