Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is Cbd Oil Legal

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Is CBD Oil legal? Is it something that a new company can come up with and then try to sell throughout Texas as a recreational drug? Is it something that can be abused?

Last Updated: October 5th, 2020 CBD was added to the Texas Poison Plan after the grand opening of the Botanical Garden. People believe since you can buy CBD at just about any corner shop in Texas, it must be somehow legal. Even elected district attorney’s have different thoughts on the legality of CBD oil. District attorney Kamala Harris believes that CBD is a controlled substance, meaning it has to be approved by the FDA.

” Cannabidiol is a natural compound found in marijuana and hemp called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This compound has similar structural characteristics to THC, which means that it may have the same gateway effect as THC when it comes into contact with nervous tissue. However, we don’t know if CBD has the same impact on the human brain as THC because of the lack of research done on this compound,” said Harris. “Even more concerning than the illegality of the substance are the unknown health effects and long term consequences of continuous use.”

Other people believe that the government is trying to keep consumers from the knowledge of the true nature of cannabis and CBD. They feel that if consumers were aware of the fact that the source of the CBD is plants and not cannabis, they would be much more likely to consume oil with lower concentrations of THC content. In addition to the government being in the business of selling controlled substances, they are also in the business of selling medication, so it is perfectly legal to sell CBD medically under the right conditions. So while we’re not sure what the government wants you to know, it is perfectly legal to purchase a medically synthetic product that contains CBD up to a particular maximum concentration.

The cannabis plant has been widely documented as containing around four percent THC which is believed to be the main ingredient of marijuana. Many people are now wondering if cannabidiol should be classified as a type of cannabis at all and if so, what type of strains should it be produced in. It has been noted that the cannabidiol contained in the plant has been isolated and treated very differently than the THC found in the plant.

It is currently illegal to cultivate, buy, sell, or import any kind of CBD oil. But since the cultivation and manufacture of CBD are still illegal, anyone who grows it, ships it or deals in it is breaking the law. There is no way to prove, through experimentation, that the said chemicals have any medical benefits. It has only been recently that CBD has been made available in oral form by the pharmaceutical giants, with promises that it will be a wonder drug in the near future. It is highly unlikely that it can be classed as anything other than an herbal remedy and not as a cannabis plant by itself.