Is CBD Medical Marijuana Safe?

Cannabidiol or CBD oil is gaining quite a bit of attention in the medical world these days. It has been touted as having many healing benefits and is a better alternative than most prescription pain killers. Many people have reported that the pain they are experiencing from their conditions is gone after using this oil. In fact, many researchers have also discovered that it is just as effective at treating pain as some prescription medications. But, which one is the better choice?

Cbd Oil For Pain

The answer largely depends on what is being treated. Analgesics are used primarily to treat mild and occasional pain. They are not powerful medications and do not treat chronic conditions. Analgesics work by reducing inflammation and swelling, which is why they can help with such things as menstrual cramps and athlete’s foot. They are able to do this because they stop the receptors in the brain from sending messages to the body’s pain centers telling it that a certain part of the body is in pain.

Analgesics, of course, cannot work for everything. For example, they may be unable to help someone who is in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease. This is because CBD is not able to get to the neurons in time to slow down the process of degeneration in this disease. Other ailments that CBD is not able to get to include allergies and epilepsy.

In addition, CBD oil may not be able to reach the areas in the brain that are damaged by glaucoma and other vision conditions. Some studies have also shown that CBD is not as effective at relieving symptoms of depression as some prescription antidepressants. Also, CBD is not able to reach the areas of the brain that are damaged by epilepsy.

CBD oil may also be less effective when used in combination with certain types of medication. People who are taking sedatives for a long period of time may find that they need to take a little bit more CBD oil. Also, many people who are undergoing chemotherapy often need to increase the amount of CBD oil that they are taking in order for their body to absorb the medication properly.

The bottom line is that while medical marijuana has helped people to deal with certain medical issues, it does not work for every medical problem. You should speak to your doctor before you decide to use this type of oil. In addition, if you do choose to use this oil for a chronic medical condition, you should speak to your doctor again before you try using it. Medical marijuana can be a great resource for those who suffer from serious medical conditions but cannot afford to pay for the cost of prescription medicine. However, the safety concerns and the potential side effects of this oil make medical marijuana a solid choice for those who suffer from minor problems.