How To Make CBD Oil From Cannabis

When asked “What is CBD oil?” many people may have different answers. Some may say it is an alternative form of cannabis, others may think it is the same as cannabis but what it really is a concentrated and diluted form of cannabis. It is often used by body-builders and those suffering from debilitating illnesses. But what is it?

How To Make Cbd Oil

CBD oil is made from cannabis strain which has been refined to the lowest possible level of THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. THC is the chemical that makes marijuana addictive; it remains in the plant even after harvest and continues to be produced through the entire flowering and stem stage. Because of this the plant cannot be consumed. However, there are strains of cannabis that are high in CBD, and these contain no THC at all. The result is CBD oil which is very similar in consistency and taste to cannabis oil.

How to make CBD oil can be done in two ways. The simplest way is to make CBD infused oil using CBD capsules. These capsules can also be made into a topical application using a drop of CBD soap which you apply directly on the affected area. You may take a few days after using the CBD soap to make sure the CBD gel has absorbed into the skin properly.

If you prefer to do the making of your own CBD oil yourself then you will need a cold water bottle, a double boiler, a teaspoon of dried lavender and a small amount of sugar. Pour half a cup of the cold water into the bottom of the double boiler and place the lavender into the jar. Once this is done put the sugar into the jar next. Now all that is left is to pour the contents of the jar into the bottle top, and heat to boiling.

Cold water should always be added to the bottle. It is also essential to allow the mixture to boil for around 2 minutes so that the extraction occurs. Once the extraction takes place pour the mixture into a clean container and refrigerate it for several days to an hour. At this point you will have to strain the mixture. The strain can be done using cheesecloth or a strainer, however if you are going to strain it further, it is advisable to use a strainer with a mesh screen so as not to contaminate the CBD oil.

The CBD oil can now be used to create CBD soap. This soap can be used as a topical application, in the form of a cream or lotion, or as an unrefined oil for cooking and drinking. If you want to know how to make and oil from cannabis, this is the simplest way to produce the desired end product. When doing research online, search for websites offering instructions for how to make and oil made from cannabis. There are many resources available on how to grow your own cannabis plants at home and how to create your own CBD oil.