How Can CBD Oil For Anxiety Benefit You?

The medicinal properties of CBD are well known. It is an important ingredient in many over the counter and prescription sleep aids. However, there are many unknowns regarding the beneficial effects of CBD for anxiety relief. Research review on this topic that have been conducted over the years reveal many facts that have been beneficial in assisting people to manage anxiety and their overall mood.

Research overview Many of the known facts on the anti-anxiety affects of CBD have come from over 30 peer reviewed animal studies. Randomized, double blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials on humans are necessary for a definitive understanding of how CBD affects anxiety and the optimal doses for therapeutic benefit. As with other medications, it is important to follow recommended dosages during treatment in order to maintain the benefits of CBD oil for anxiety.

Animal data indicate that doses as low as 0.3 mg per kg of body weight have been effective in reducing symptoms of anxiety without causing sedation. There is also some evidence that this dosage produces a calming effect. However, in most of these animal studies, the dosage levels were much lower than would be administered to humans. For this reason, it is not feasible to administer doses of CBD oil for anxiety through dietary means.

Another study performed using small doses of CBD for anxiety found that patients tolerated the oil without showing any change in symptoms. In addition, CBD oil for anxiety can be administered in tinctures. Tinctures are administered by spraying the liquid onto the back of the throat. Since the oil passes through the lungs before being absorbed into the bloodstream, the dosage is calculated based upon the weight of the dropper. Some tinctures contain more CBD than others and each person will require a different dosage. This should be done before using the tincture to avoid overdosing.

A study conducted on animals showed that CBD can be used to treat a variety of ailments including epilepsy and cancer. The dosage of CBD needed to prevent signs of depression was one milligram for animals and five milligrams for humans. This concentration is well below the maximum recommended dose for treating human anxiety disorders. Since CBD is a plant compound, it can be used in the same way as cannabis. With no side effects present, this supplement has become popular for treating various ailments including anxiety disorders.

The benefits of CBD include reduced stress, increased mood and sleep, and improvement in memory, appetite and weight. Some of the more common ailments that CBD seems to reduce our depression, nausea, seizures, tics, muscle spasms, and diarrhea. In addition, many medical experts believe that future research can help reveal whether or not the CBD can be used to treat human anxiety disorders with potential success. The use of cannabis in the U.S. is currently illegal, however in some states marijuana is legal and prescription is not required.