Hemp Oil Vs Olive Oil: The Difference Maker

There are many benefits to using hemp oil versus CBD. Hemp oil is often compared to olive oil because both contain good levels of antioxidants (vitamin E). However, the truth is that hemp oil is actually substantially more effective than its counterpart. Below we compare hemp oil to CBD in order to determine which one is best for you:

hemp seed oil vs. CBD hemp seed oil have very little, if any, CBD. Hemp oil is produced by cold pressing the raw hemp seeds to an edible omega-3 omega-9 emulsion. CBD is manufactured by extracting the compound THC from the dried flower, leaves and stems of a hemp plant using high heat.

So, why is hemp oil much better than CBD? First, hemp oil contains significantly more THC, which is about 55% more than CBD. The reason that THC is so much more effective is that it enters the brain much quicker and stays there much longer than CBD. Additionally, the body metabolizes THC much more quickly than CBD, so it goes to work immediately and produces the same results as it would if the drug were CBD. Also, since CBD is only made in the body with the help of the digestive system, it tends to stay in the human system for a shorter period of time and is not as effective.

Second, hemp seed oil is much easier on the digestive system. This is because it lacks many of the commonly occurring and annoying side effects associated with most pharmaceutical marijuana oils. Common side effects include diarrhea, vomiting, cramping, and even flatulence. In comparison, CBD can cause drowsiness, impaired coordination, seizures, nausea, and some of the same side effects listed above.

Third, while both oils are derived from the cannabis plant, they do not contain the psychoactive ingredient THC. Instead, CBD is derived from the delta-9-carboxylic acid found in the cannabis plant. Therefore, CBD has less of an impact on users than THC. However, if one chooses to use CBD, one should be aware that CBD is not recommended by the US Food and Drug Administration because it does not have a known effect on the brain.

Hemp oil and olive oil are two popular dietary supplements that are often used in conjunction with each other. However, their differences may be a good reason to look further into the wonders of hemp plants. Hemp extract can be used in a variety of food and health products. It can be used in place of meat, dairy products, and sugar in recipes. With its amazing nutritional and therapeutic benefits, the future looks bright for hemp extracts.