Health Benefits of Medical Marijuana Vs CBD Oil

For decades now, the debate between hemp oil and CBD has raged. As more countries across the world become more aware of the benefits of hemp for various uses, CBD is seen as a lesser alternative. However, recent surveys have shown that hemp oil has many distinct advantages over CBD. So, what are the main advantages of hemp oil over CBD?

Hemp Oil – Does It Have the Same Effects As Medical Marijuana? Hemp oil does not contain any medical marijuana at all, instead it is made from a strain of cannabis. Unlike CBD, hemp oil does not have high levels of CBD. However, this low level of CBD makes hemp oil much less potent than medical marijuana. This is because CBD has a high level of CBD when in its pure form while hemp oil only has a very low level of CBD.

Hemp Oil VS CBD – Is hemp oil effective for treating ailments? To answer this question, we have to understand exactly how CBD is effective against ailments and the effects are produced. When CBD is ingested, it is converted into its components such as CBD and THC (tetrahydrocannabis sativa). When THC and CBD are combined in a particular recipe, it produces “the same effect as marijuana”, i.e., it produces a high feeling of well-being. Hemp oil is not a marijuana strain but is instead made from cannabis sativa, which is 100% natural and does not produce any side-effects.

How are hemp and CBD different then? CBD is actually a non-psychoactive ingredient while hemp contains psychoactive properties known as the “breath holding effect”. This means that when CBD is present in a person’s body, it does not cause any change in the person’s state of mind. On the other hand, when CBD is present in the body, it will cause a reduction in the levels of the two chemicals in the brain called dopamine and serotonin, which are responsible for controlling the feelings and actions of the mind.

Which is better, Hemp oil or cannabis plant oil? Both are effective and both can be used for various types of ailments and other medical conditions. But what is important is that you choose only the ones made from pure CBD without any other chemicals added to it. It would be wise to choose only companies that are using only pharmaceutical grade hemp oil products. You should also check the ingredients list for these pharmaceutical grade plants.

Now that you know CBD is not harmful and it can help in many medical conditions, it’s time to move on with the comparison. Choose only pharmaceutical grade CBD oil and pure CBD extract. The next step would be to find out which carrier oils are available and make a choice. In fact, there are more options and varieties today than ever before with so many companies manufacturing them.