Getting Relief With CBD Oil For Pain

The use of CBD for pain relief goes back to early Chinese times. It is believed that CBD can help relieve chronic pain in part through reducing inflammation. Unlike THC, CBD is non-psychoactive and doesn’t have psychotropic side effects. In fact, many believe that CBD has some unique pain killing properties that make it very effective when used for back and neck pain. In fact, the Cannabidiol chemical compound in marijuana is believed to have similar healing qualities. As with most medical research, much of what we now know about CBD comes from studying animals and from human studies on human beings.

When the compound is administered, CBD appears to act like an opioid. However, when the compound is absorbed into the body, it does not create addiction or dependency. Instead, it works to counteract the effects of opioids such as those found in prescription medications for chronic pain. People typically become addicted to prescription pain killers because they block the effects of certain brain receptors.

A number of oral and topical CBD products are on the market today. Some of these products include Gaviola and Suma Root. Gaviola is extracted from a flower in the family of Aspalathus which also includes bee pollen and sunflower seeds. Gaviola acts as an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, anti-oxidant and a natural painkiller. It is currently available in a few different forms including oral capsules, gelcaps and topical and oil.

In addition to Gaviola, a number of other plants are believed to be effective for use in treating chronic pain. One of the most promising is called CBD Pure. This product is created by Nuleaf Naturals, a company that is currently seeking approval for a prescription supplement. CBD Pure is manufactured through a process that does not include the extraction of an opioid. Instead, the extract is obtained from a variety of different plants in what is called “the blossom method.” The goal is to make an oil that is as pure as possible without reducing the concentration of the beneficial plant chemicals.

Another product from Nuleaf is called THC Salve. THC Salve is a topical application that is designed specifically for use with painful or inflammatory conditions like arthritis and chronic pain. It contains two different concentrations of THC that are known as Provence and Mediterranean. The aim of the product is to reduce inflammation while providing an antioxidant as well as an anti-inflammatory benefit. This is distinct from a product called CBD Pure which is formulated with the intention of being a full-spectrum treatment for inflammatory conditions.

Whether the source is sublingually, orally or topically, the results are quite encouraging. In addition to the clinical benefits of reducing pain and reducing inflammation, CBD has been shown to be effective at improving lung function and reducing cholesterol levels. Research has also shown it to be safe for patients who suffer from epilepsy and other forms of seizure disorders. Even cancer patients have seen success with the use of CBD. As medical studies continue to unfold, CBD oil for pain is a promising new addition to the world of alternative medicine.