Does Hemp Oil Contain CBD?

The phrase “hemp oil contains CBD” is an overused term that describes any product which comes from the cannabis plant. Hemp seed oil is created only from the stigmas, leaves, flowers, or stems of hemp plants meaning it doesn’t contain CBD. CBD is only found in the leaves, stems, or flowers of marijuana plants, which means that it’s not contained in hemp seed oil. There are no reports of hemp seed oil containing CBD at this time. Even if hemp seed oils did contain some CBD, it would be considered a very small amount.

The term “hemp extract” is used for all types of plant extracts, including hemp oil. The difference between a hemp oil product and olive oil is that olive oil doesn’t include any ingredients. All of the oils produced from plants are organic (natural) and unrefined. The oils come from various hemp plants including marijuana. Hemp oil doesn’t have the same nutritional value as any other plant oil. In fact, hemp oil can do more harm than good.

Hemp is not legally considered a “legal” substance under the United States government. That means that hemp products, like hemp seed oil, cannot legally be sold over the counter. Many people who consume hemp oil may experience side effects like dizziness or nausea. The reason these side effects occur is because of the lack of processing in hemp oil. Hemp seed oil does not have to undergo the same process as all the other oils in our bodies, which makes it a bit too unstable for consumption. It can cause problems when it’s mixed with other substances. As a result, it is highly recommended that you do not consume hemp seed oil without the knowledge and consent of a licensed healthcare provider.