Common CBD Oil Side Effects

Cbd Oil Side Effects

Common CBD Oil Side Effects

As with all drugs, CBD can have side effects, the most common being a loss of appetite. Most users will experience this as a side effect when CBD is used with food. In general, CBD is well tolerated and doesn’t usually cause major side effects. However, with that being said, a number of possible CBD side effects have been reported, including:

Diarrhea. This is one of the more annoying side effects to experience when using CBD oil. It’s important that you seek medical help from a healthcare professional if your symptoms persist after your first dose of the recommended dose of CBD. This problem is typically associated with long-term use of prescription drugs containing hydrocodone or other forms of prescription drugs containing hydrocodone derivatives, so if you’re experiencing these symptoms it is important to speak to your healthcare professional about the possibility that your prescription drugs are causing your symptoms.

Dry mouth. While this is not considered to be an actual side effect of the use of CBD oil, it is often considered a nuisance by those who do not suffer from this condition. The most common symptom of dry mouth is excessive salivation, which is due to the lower saliva levels that are experienced when taking the oil. This increased salivation is often associated with the feeling of being “off-track”, which can result in a number of things, such as dizziness, tics, fidgeting, increased heart rate, and difficulty swallowing. If this is your case, speak to your healthcare professional about the possibility that your lower saliva levels may be caused by your prolonged use of CBD, and that there may be a simpler solution to addressing your dry mouth than waiting for your supply of CBD to run out.

Mood stabilizers. There are many anecdotal reports from users who claim to have successfully used hemp oil to treat a wide variety of mood-related issues, including depression, anxiety, and even panic attacks. While this is not considered to be an officially supported side effect, it has been noted by some users that their moods began to stabilize after they began taking the supplement. This effect is not considered to be medically significant, but it does provide hope to people who may have trouble managing their emotions due to theiripolar or bi-polar disorder. It should also be noted that many of the anecdotal reports of this effect are from users of CBD oil who begin taking the supplement, but only stop once they begin to experience the effects listed above.

Hallucinogenic effects. One of the more serious CBD oil side effects that can occur if too much is taken is the production of “bath salts”. Bath salts are typically used by people who believe that there is an imbalance of mental energy, or who take large doses of CBD because they believe that doing so will increase their ability to function under pressure. The side effects of this “side effect” have not been tested scientifically, but anecdotal reports from users suggest that it could be the result of taking too high a dose of CBD.

The bottom line is that CBD is a safe and promising substance that offers potential benefits beyond what it is currently used for. CBD is believed to act as a powerful natural antidepressant, capable of improving mood, suppressing anxiety, and improving focus while decreasing seizures in certain patients. Many anecdotal reports from users indicate that CBD works well as a sleep aid and a mood stabilizer. While hemp is not currently used in any medicine that we are familiar with, many of the CBD oils being distributed are derived from plants with medicinal properties that are cultivated in countries that grow marijuana.