CBD Oil For Cats – Is it Safe For Them?

If you’re trying to figure out what’s best for your cat, then hemp-based CBD oil for cats may be an option to look into. This is because CBD doesn’t get converted into the powerful “cannabis” compound THC when ingested. Instead, CBD converts into an inactive form in the liver. This makes CBD a better choice for cats with certain medical issues, like seizure disorders or chronic pain. It’s also a great choice for treating common problems with your cat’s behavior.

Cbd Oil For Cats

The most common complaint about cats is anxiety. If you’ve ever asked the question “what is hemp-based CBD oil for cats”, then you’ve likely seen this type of product on pet-store shelves, at the veterinarian office, or on the shelves of online retailers. But CBD is not what most people think it is. While CBD can be very useful for certain medical conditions, it is not an active ingredient in the latest commercial products.

Hemp-based oil is high in CBD but low in THC, the compound found in marijuana that causes the euphoric, “high” sensation. While CBD doesn’t produce the intense euphoric high associated with THC, it does have some mild, harmless side effects on your cat. Hemp grown for human consumption is legal almost everywhere, and hemp oil for humans is available in several forms. However, most veterinarians will only prescribe CBD for severe cases of anxiety, without any thought to its side effects. In fact, many cats suffering from anxiety won’t take CBD at all.

As a result, many pet owners are resorting to using CBD as a supplement instead. To make sure that CBD is a safe choice for your cat, you’ll want to know its maximum recommended dose and level of consistency. Most experts recommend at least a maximum daily dosage of ten to fifteen milligrams for adult dogs, depending on activity level and other factors. Of course, this is the highest dosage that are safe for even healthy adults, but it is still much less than the dose of up to thirty milligrams of CBD for cats. So, is CBD oil safe for cats?

Like many prescription drugs, including anxiety medications, there are a number of potential side effects associated with CBD. However, these side effects are non-existent when using pure CBD oil. Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, CBD is a plant-based substance, which means it is not toxic or carcinogenic. In fact, there have been no published studies indicating that it causes cancer or other serious health problems. Since CBD is in plants, it is considered to be safe even if one hundred thousand milligrams of CBD is consumed daily.

For persistent cases of anxiety and depression in your cat, speak with your veterinarian about the many different options available to help ease his or her symptoms. Stress is often a trigger for many types of illnesses and diseases, and can even cause many chronic health conditions. So, talk to your veterinarian today about other treatment options including the use of natural remedies like CBD for cats.