Can a CBD Oil Drug Test Give a False Positive?

Cbd Oil Drug Test

Can a CBD Oil Drug Test Give a False Positive?

If you’ve been caught using or selling drugs, you may have been subjected to a drug test by your local police department. Whether it’s because they want to prove that you are not a criminal mastermind planning to takeover the county jail or they are simply trying to flush the rest of your assets out of the bank, these drug tests can be grueling and uncomfortable. Aside from blood, saliva, and hair samples, police test their suspects with CBD oil. What is CBD oil? Well, this article will explain the confusing and sometimes scary details of CBD.

What is CBD? The Cannabinoid family, containing several dozen related compounds including THC and CBD, is being researched for its medicinal properties. For years, medical marijuana users have known of the powerful effects of CBD oil on certain diseases like chemotherapy and HIV/AIDS. However, recent studies have shown that CBD may also be effective in fighting the negative effects of Parkinson’s disease, arthritis, seizures, and other illnesses and diseases. The truth is, CBD may be just as good as a prescription drug–you just have to look for it in a natural supplement rather than in a mind-numbing pill.

So, what makes a CBD drug test so highly unlikely? While the exact mechanisms between CBD and a variety of diseases is not fully understood, many believe that CBD can prevent certain harmful actions associated with a range of neurological problems. For this reason, people with pre-existing medical conditions, cancer patients, and epileptic individuals are especially advised against taking CBD medications. Also, CBD is considered to be a “slow-acting” neuro-stimulant (hence its name) and therefore may not produce the “high” associated with marijuana and other cannabis derivatives.

There are a number of ways that third-party drug tests can catch you with a false positive. Most commonly, they’ll look for specific plant extracts, but some testing kits will also look for specific strains or even specific parents. This is why it’s so important to purchase your supplements from a reputable source; the last thing you want is to get pulled off the shelves by a fraudulent retailer selling fake CBD oil products. To make sure that you’re getting legitimate grade oils, purchase from a highly reputable online source.

Fortunately, most third-party lab tests won’t have a problem catching your CBD oil with a false positive, since they usually check for certain CBD levels in real bodily fluids. However, that doesn’t mean that you’re completely safe from experiencing the same side effects as someone who took the maximum allowable amount of CBD oil. In fact, CBD and THC are virtually identical when it comes to potency and effect. That’s why many legal CBD oil retailers still insist that they sell only products that meet the highest standards. That way, you’ll get the highest quality product and ensure that you don’t get yourself arrested for non-compliance.

If you do get a positive drug test due to over-consumption of CBD oil, then don’t feel bad – the law is on your side. Most legitimate stores will offer a refund or replacement policy in order to help clear your name. However, be aware that other countries have actually banned the substance due to safety concerns – in one instance, Germany was even forced to reinstate its own CBD import ban! Regardless, if you were pulled over or given a DUI charge for non-compliance, you should definitely consult an experienced CBD lawyer to find out how you can protect your rights.