Benefits of Hemp Oil Vs Cbd Oil

Many people ask whether the cannabis plant is as safe as the oil extracted from it. Some say that there is not much difference in using the cannabis plant for cooking and using its oil for skin care and hair care. However, there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when one is using the oil from cannabis plants. Read on to know more about it.

The primary difference between hemp oil vs cbd oil, is that CBD has no essential CBD content. Hemp Oil is created by cold pressing the raw hemp seeds into a fine omega-rich oil. CBD is obtained by extracting the same compound from the leaves, stalks and flowers of a hemp plant using high temperatures. It is said that it takes four years for the CBD to be extracted from the raw material. Since the manufacturing of CBD is expensive, most companies prefer to use the cheaper source i.e. hemp seeds and CBD are obtained by using this method.

To make the CBD, the flowers, leaves and stems are boiled for three days and then decanted into a chilled tank. After three days it is decanted once more into another chilled tank and left to mature. When the plant material is mature it is further used for making the oil products. Since the raw material used for the extraction of CBD is expensive, most companies prefer to use these inexpensive products of the cannabis plant and use the CBD oil which they manufacture in large scale.

However, we would like to highlight two points regarding the debate as to which is the best way to extract the CBD from the plant. The first is extracting the oil using conventional methods. The other is by using the molecular distillation process. There are several companies which are manufacturing CBD in the form of oils or ointments in which the CBD is extracted with the help of two steps. One such step includes the extraction using cold methods and the other step includes heating the raw material using conventional distillation methods.

It has been observed that the CBD present in the hemp plant extract is only partially soluble in water, therefore it is not possible to extract it in this manner. However, the best way to extract the CBD is by applying heat and this can be done by using the super heat water method. However, it has been found that this extraction with the help of super heat water method does not provide complete CBD concentration in the oils.

Therefore, the best way to extract CBD is by using the molecular distillation process and the result is the complete concentrated extract of the CBD present in the raw material. Another important fact about these CBD oils is that they do not contain any pesticides or herbicides when being harvested from the hemp plants. Most of these products are obtained from countries which are quite famous for the environmental compliance and hence the hemp oils obtained from such countries are also called “fully traceable” or “green energy”. Now that you have understood all these facts about the CBD oils, you can easily make an informed decision regarding its use.