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There is a total of 45 cores across the game, and the more you collect, the more you can upgrade Master Chief's shield, grapplehook and more.

This page features an in-progress list of Halo Infinite Spartan Core locations, starting with the opening 'Recovery' area.

Halo Infinite - 'Recovery' Spartan Core Locations

The following Spartan Core locations are for the starting 'Recovery' area, with all but one accounted for. Though we have numbered these, you can collect them in any order you choose.

Spartan Core 1 location

The first Spartan Core is almost unmissable since it will be right in front of you. After fighting Tremonious, the game's first boss, you'll use a lift to continue your way. Once you reached the top floor, simply go forward a few steps and you will find the green glowing crate.

This is right before you reach outside the island for the first time in Outpost Tremonious.

Spartan Core 2 location

After cleaning the first enemy settlement, you'll have a brief cutscene with soldier Echo 216 and your AI. Before getting inside the ship and continuing on your mission, go to the left and jump to the land below. You'll be around an entrance to an enemy's building. On the right side, you'll see the crate, next to an M41 SPNKR and other weapons.

Spartan Core 3 location

Go back to the first construction in which you came out to the outside - the one where you found the first Spartan Core.

You need to go around it, to the left. There will be a passage that you can use to move forward. At the end of the path, you'll find the next crate right next to a crashed ship, some trees, and a box with an assault rifle.

Spartan Core 4 location

After capturing the FOB Golf, go south, near the mountains and pillars on the west side of the island. This will be a cliff crawled with enemies, boxes, and weapons. Defeat everyone and go right where the land ends. You'll see the crate around some pieces of gear.

Spartan Core 5 location

From the previous collectible, go to the west and you'll find the Ramson Keep, an enemy base used for repairing vehicles. It's marked on the map with a pink icon. While invading the location, you'll have to destroy silos.

In one section, you have to break two that are near each other. From that point, go to the right and use a bridge that connects to another section. Here you'll see the Spartan Core, right next to many other crates.

Spartan Core 6 location

After or before rescuing the Carrera Squad - located to the south of the Ramson Keep -, go to the east side from where the enemy camp starts. There is a place full of rocks and low pillars.

Climb them and go forward. You'll find the Spartan Core near ammo and weapon crates, including an S7 Sniper.

Spartan Core 7 location

This Spartan Core is near the FOB Foxtrot, based on the western side of the area. From that location, go east. There's a forest full of broken pods and fallen enemies. Apart from many weapons and grenades, you'll find the collectible right at the center of this small battlefield.

Spartan Core 8 location

Return to FOB Foxtrot and this time go to the southwestern side of the island. Here you need to look for two crashed ships on the ground. However, these vehicles will be surrounded by the enemies, so first defeat all of them. After doing so, you'll find the Spartan Core right next to one of the ships.

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Spartan Core 9 location

While progressing through mission Recovery, you'll have to infiltrate a big tower located on the northeastern side of this area. You can enter this building by going berserk or being stealthy.

In either way, there's a moment in which you'll watch an enemy's hologram at the center of the tower's lower floor. Go pass through that device and to the right. You'll notice some warehouses packed with ammo and weapons. Enter the second one from the right and you'll pick up your next upgrade point.

More coming soon!

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