Assassin's Creed Valhalla reveals a teasing autumn roadmap •

Discovery Tour! Free updates! Spooky event!

A new development roadmap for Assassin's Creed Valhalla has highlighted four content drops coming this autumn.

Several things stand out. First, the upcoming Oskoreia Festival due sometime later this season. Interestingly, this is not the Halloween Samhain festival fans were expecting - an event which also forms part of Valhalla's main campaign.

Instead the Oskoreia Festival seems based on the folk myth of a monstrous Viking Wild Hunt led by Asgardian raiders, and sometimes Odin himself. An image for the event looks appropriately spooky.

Another thing which caught my eye is a previously unrevealed game update coming later this autumn, named Title Update 1.4.0.

Typically, Valhalla has only increased its version number this way when major expansions have been added. (Ireland brought the game to 1.2, Paris to 1.3.)

All eyes will be on this update and what it may add. Could this be the moment we get a certain leaked questline featuring a major returning Assassin's Creed character, word of which has got fans very excited? (Warning, that link includes spoilers.)

Before all that, the next Valhalla game update arrives next week on 5th October, and is illustrated by an image of your Ravensthorpe longhouse home. More Randvi quests please!

There's also Valhalla's Discovery Tour: Viking Age, which turns up on 19th October.