Are CBD Oils Effective For Those With Pain Problems?

Marijuana and hashish are common ingredients found in many prescription and over the counter drugs, but what about CBD oil? Is it really as safe as it’s claimed to be? Can you, or someone else, actually get arrested for possession if they are carrying around some CBD oil in their purse, pocket, briefcase, backpack or car? This article will take a quick look at whether CBD oil can really be considered “soft cannabis” or if it’s just another type of recreational drug.

Cbd Oil Drug Test

When most people think of THC or marijuana they think of a mind altering substance. While the two substances do function in slightly different ways, both result in a marked effect on the central nervous system. However, this similarity ends there. Smoking marijuana can cause hallucinations, slurred speech, and coughing fit while driving… which is exactly what you’ll experience if you get pulled over for suspicion of DUI. And while many people will claim that THC does not pass through the lungs like alcohol, recent studies have shown that it can in fact be present in blood after ingesting the drug tests for up to six hours.

Hemp-derived CBD oil products have been showing promise for a long time, however, the government has not approved any products containing the ingredient. This is probably because no formal controls have been put on the production, distribution, or consumption of CBD oil products. That being said, we do understand how easy it is to accidentally find mislabeled products with CBD in them. A quick Internet search can turn up an endless list of websites that claim to sell “Hemp CBD”, but all of them contain only trace amounts of the ingredient.

Most websites that sell CBD oil products also claim that pure products are easier to use than other forms of CBD supplements. CBD extract is said to be more effective when it is isolated and taken in isolation. Unfortunately, there is no proof that this holds true in drug testing at this time, and it could be that CBD extract is ineffective as a pure product in drug testing, despite the claims of the manufacturers.

If you want to use pure CBD oil, one option is to buy capsules that contain the main CBD chemical along with other smaller chemicals called Cannabidiolvices. This chemical is similar to THC, but without having to isolate and process it into a pure product. THC and CBD should be combined in a completely separate container to make sure that the two chemicals do not interact with each other. The manufacturer of CBD oil should be able to provide a complete list of ingredients that go into their products so that you can check to see what the exact components are.

Another option is to take CBD topicals. There are a wide range of products out there that contain small amounts of the actual chemical itself in a concentration that has been determined to be effective for those who need it to treat chronic pain. When using these topicals, it is important that you remember to read the label. Some products have been known to contain trace amounts of the actual chemical, and although they may relieve some of the symptoms of arthritis or chronic inflammation, they are not reliable enough to be taken as a stand-alone medication. However, when used in conjunction with another natural treatment, these topicals can significantly reduce the symptoms of the ailments that they are intended to treat.