A Breakthrough in Natural Pain Management

The top 10 best CBD oils for arthritis listed in the October edition of Consumer Reports Best Buying Brands (CRB). This is the third in a series of consumer reports on important consumer products. Here, we focus on another essential oil, CBD for arthritis. Read on to learn what we consider to be one of the best choices for alleviating joint pain, especially as it relates to inflammation.

Cbd Oil For Arthritis

We review both the strength and the concentration of CBD oil for arthritis in this article. Top 10 best CBD oils for arthritis are presented in alphabetical order, beginning with “A”. Note that both A and B are low-potency formulations. The high-potency form, CBD dosage, is not presented in this article due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

When compared with placebo, studies have demonstrated that CBD provides significant relief in many patients suffering from moderate to severe pain and disability from inflammatory disease. In fact, it appears to be more effective than the non-narcotic drug, morphine, at controlling pain, particularly for those whose symptoms are caused by inflammation. There have been several clinical trials conducted on the effectiveness of CBD, most of which have been funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH). These studies demonstrate that patients who took CBD had significantly less pain and disability associated with their condition than did those given placebo medication. These results are consistent with prior small clinical trials indicating that the ability of CBD to reduce inflammation is greater than that of any other chemical used in treating chronic pain.

The primary focus of these ongoing clinical trials is to determine whether or not CBD can reduce the negative side effects that come with narcotic painkillers such as oxycodone and morphine. Animal studies indicate that CBD is at least as effective as these drugs in reducing the chronic pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. Other benefits from CBD include preventing the migration of infectious organisms and minimizing the risk of developing psychiatric disorders, such as bipolar disorder. Animal studies also indicate that CBD may reduce the blood pressure levels in animals. While more research is needed to evaluate the safety and efficacy of CBD for use in humans with inflammatory diseases, these results clearly indicate the importance of investigating the potential benefits of CBD for arthritic patients.

Since CBD is an all-natural plant, there are few side effects associated with its use as a pharmaceutical supplement. It is not known whether CBD affects the immune system or not. However, side effects have been noted in certain patients who were administered higher doses of CBD when compared to other doses of another pharmaceutical drug, tramadol. Such effects include restlessness, anxiety, dizziness, slurred speech, increased pulse rate, tremor, chest pain, and nausea. If you have used prescription or over-the-counter medications to treat your arthritis and are experiencing any of these symptoms, it is recommended that you discuss alternative treatments with your physician.

Studies indicate that CBD works best when used in conjunction with another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication, such as aspirin. This combination will help increase the effectiveness of medications in the control of pain caused by multiple sclerosis and arthritis. In some cases, patients may be able to treat their pain through the use of NSAIDs, but this is not always recommended. Because of the potential for serious and life-threatening side effects, it is generally not recommended that people begin taking NSAIDs if they are not suffering from an acute injury or illness, as NSAIDs can make patients more prone to developing kidney failure.